Guitar and keyboard duo performing at an outdoor wedding ceremony

Contact and Pricing

Guitar and keyboard duo performing at an outdoor wedding ceremony
piano keyboard playing at wedding

Contact and Pricing

Our live band pricing ranges from $750 for a Soloist/multi-instrumentalist, $3,000 for a Dinner Jazz/R&B Quintet, $7,400 for three sets with our 9-piece Dance Band (three vocalists, rhythm section, horn section), including full A/V (sound system, lights, sound engineer), all the way up to $12,000 for our Royal 12-piece Package, including Ceremony Strings, Cocktail, Dinner Music and more.

Please note that the above pricing is subject to change based on factors including travel, A/V additions, timing changes, etc.

For a custom quote, please fill out the form below with your approximate event details and music preferences.

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    Our next free official monthly showcase date will be October 23, 2022! This is a great way to see our band in an intimate interactive setting, where you can ask questions as you hear us move through our repertoire, from solo to 11-piece formations! If you would like to attend, please fill out the form above, or send an email to to RSVP.