Stereoflavour Entertainment was founded in 2011 by keyboardist-vocalist Stacey Yerofeyeva, along with three other fellow third-year students in the Humber College Bachelor of Music degree program. Originally a play on Stacey’s quirky last name, the 4-piece band’s repertoire consisted of Stacey’s equally quirky originals, mixed with funky modern covers. She was encouraged by her bandmates to pursue weddings & events due to her organizational skills, in order to supplement the ‘grind’ and expenses associated with each band members’ original music. Stereoflavour is now a family of over 100 versatile top-tier Toronto musicians, supported by a 10-person admin team, employing anywhere from 7 to 30 musicians on any given night.


Stereoflavour bases our core values on community. That’s why our slogan is “One Musical Family, Any Event.” We are proud to have the most professional, versatile group of musicians within the Stereoflavour family, all of whom share our core values. Stereoflavour believes in honesty, transparency, and trust, as well as taking the time to be clear and thorough with both our clients and musicians. We believe in ‘Toronto as a music city’ with a world-class talent of musicians, and we care about promoting creative musical endeavors within our group of musicians.


“Giving clients the best event entertainment experience they can possibly have, while providing musicians with stability & growth in a challenging industry.”


Stereoflavour is extremely well run. Everything is clear and organized, there is never any confusion or surprises. I enjoy working with everyone in my Stereoflavour family. Cool people, good music, fair pay. What’s not to like? My experience is overwhelmingly positive and I think it’s important to recognize when things are done well.” – Peter Kadar

Every time I leave home to play with Stereoflavour, I know that I’m going to have a great time playing with some of the most talented and professional musicians this city has to offer. As a longtime time member since 2010, I’m extremely proud to be a part of this organization!” – Mark Rynkun

Every event with Stereoflavour feels like a huge opportunity to me, knowing how much talent will be on stage. Everyone is easy to work with and brings a positive energy, but is also there to do their very best work. Events are extremely well-organized and always run smoothly.” – Al Rowe

I’ll always do my best on a gig, but it’s the moments you’re not playing that truly create the bond between musicians. The best advice I’ve received from a mentor on how to keep a gig is: be yourself, be humble, laugh, dance, and be a friend. 30 years from now, I know I’ll still be able to call this group of people friends.” – Da-Rell Clifton